Pastor: David Wagner

  • Each Sunday the ministry of the Gospel is proclaimed to all who come. The Word of God is preached and always with a contemporary insight. The Gospel lesson comes alive through story and observation based on our everyday lives.
  • One of the foremost ministries of Our Savior Lutheran Church is Forgiveness and Grace to all who come seeking it. The doors are open to all persons, young and old, all ethnics groups and all life styles. We freely offer absolution to those who with a contrite spirit some seeking to draw near to God through Jesus Christ.
  • Each worship service includes confession and absolution. Individual and private confession between our pastor and a penitent soul is always available through a simple phone call to the office to arrange for a time with the pastor.
  • The Prayer Garden is an open space for individuals to come for quiet and peace in the shade of large welcoming trees. Night and day individuals are invited to sit here and allow the beauty of nature to speak to them and to proclaim the love of our Creator God who has made all things.
  • Dozens of people utilize our fellowship hall for the various Anonymous support groups. There are four weekly meetings of Twilight group, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Here individuals come for the ministry of healing from their addictive nature. Adult Children of Alcoholics meet here weekly as well. We believe that a life is a terrible thing to waste. AA serves to bring value back into people’s lives.
  • We take seriously being good neighbors to those in our immediate community and across the city and country. We are proud of the ministry of hospitality that includes the many HOA groups who meet here. Our church opens its doors joyfully as s polling place and as a site for health screenings.
  • Adult Lutherans Organized for Action, ALOA is also a ministry of our congregation. Designed for adults in the second half of their lives. Tours and webinars along with group meetings and support events are held.